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How to Throw the Ultimate Taylor Swift-Themed Party with Taylor Swift Party Decorations

If you're a Swiftie looking to celebrate a special occasion, there’s no better way than to throw a Taylor Swift-themed party. With our extensive range of Taylor Swift party decorations, we’ll guide you through everything you need to create a magical experience that echoes Taylor’s iconic style, music, and aesthetic.

Invitations: Setting the Tone

Begin by setting the tone with your invitations. Opt for designs that reflect Taylor’s various eras. For a “Fearless” theme, use golden and sparkly elements, while a “Reputation” theme could feature black and snake motifs. Incorporate her lyrics or song titles to personalise the invites. For example, “You Belong with Us at [Name]’s Party!” or “Ready For It? Join Us for a Taylor Swift Bash!”

Taylor Swift Party Decorations: Capturing Taylor’s Aesthetic

1. Colour Scheme and Themes

Choose a colour scheme based on your favourite Taylor era. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Debut Era: Earthy tones, floral decorations, and fairy lights.
  • Fearless Era: Gold, white, and glittery accents.
  • Red Era: Red and black with vintage elements.
  • 1989 Era: Neon lights, pastel colours, and New York City skyline cutouts.
  • Reputation Era: Darker hues like black, silver, and snakeskin patterns.
  • Lover Era: Pastels, rainbows, and heart shapes.
  • Folklore/Evermore Era: Rustic, cottagecore vibes with muted tones and greenery.

2. Backdrop and Centrepieces

Create a photo booth backdrop with our foil glitter backdrops and a balloon arch. Add elements like oversized album covers, lyric posters, and Taylor’s signature guitar. Centrepieces can include mini guitars, glitter balls, candles in mason jars (for a “Lover” feel), or rustic lanterns (for “Folklore”).

3. Table Settings

Your table settings should be thematic. Use our Taylor Swift-themed plates, cups, and napkins. For a cohesive look, match the tablecloth to your chosen era. Scatter confetti shaped like musical notes or hearts across the table for added flair.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood. For a “1989” theme, use string lights and LED neon signs. For a “Folklore” atmosphere, opt for warm, dim fairy lights and candles. Our selection includes various lighting options to match any theme.


Taylor Swift Party Activities

1. Karaoke and Dance Party

No Taylor Swift party is complete without karaoke. Set up a stage area with a microphone and our custom “Taylor Swift Karaoke” banner. Encourage guests to sing their favourite Swift songs. You can also create a playlist of her biggest hits for a dance-off.

2. Taylor Trivia

Host a Taylor Swift trivia game. Prepare questions about her albums, songs, awards, and personal life. Use our themed cards and scoreboards to keep track. The winner can receive a Swiftie-themed prize, like a Taylor-inspired T-shirt or poster.

3. Lyric Challenge

Print out snippets of Taylor’s lyrics and challenge guests to complete them. This can be a fun and engaging way to test everyone’s Swiftie knowledge. Use our ready-made lyric cards for this activity.

4. Craft Station

Set up a craft station where guests can make their own Taylor Swift memorabilia, such as friendship bracelets inspired by her “Eras Tour.” Provide beads, strings, and charm options from our craft supplies collection.

Food and Drinks: Deliciously Themed

1. Themed Snacks

Create snacks inspired by Taylor’s music. Some ideas include:

  • “Love Story” Cookies: Heart-shaped cookies with icing lyrics.
  • “Red” Velvet Cupcakes: Decorated with red sprinkles.
  • “Blank Space” Donuts: White frosted donuts with edible gold glitter.

2. Beverages

Craft signature drinks named after her songs:

  • “You Belong with Me” Lemonade: Classic lemonade with a twist.
  • “Lavender Haze” Mocktail: A lavender-infused soda.
  • “Champagne Problems” Punch: A non-alcoholic sparkling punch.

Serve drinks in our themed cups and use paper straws for an eco-friendly touch.

Taylor Swift Themed Party Favours: Memorable Keepsakes


Send your guests home with memorable keepsakes. Fill our Taylor Swift-themed goodie bags with items like:

  • Mini posters
  • Customisable lyric bracelets
  • Stickers and buttons
  • Miniature albums or CD-shaped keychains


The perfect cakes for fans of Taylor Swift. A wonderful surprise for a party or gift

These cakes are inspired Taylor's album covers or her aesthetic in general being colourful and attractive

"There's glitter on the floor after the party."

Taylor Swift


It’s Me, hi 👋🏼 yes I throw slightley over the top parties but it’s my fav hobby okay? I enjoy it so much. We all have our thing. I do like simple as well. I go from minimalist to over the top every other week. I can’t figure out which one is my true self quite yet. But I’m leaning toward… both.. for now🤓. This party was everything to Halston though. She appreciated it and she has the personality that really just loves being fancy and sparkled I wanted to give her exactly that for a few hours this week 🌟 I love you Halston. 🥹 Can’t believe you’re 5!



Why Cats Are Involved In Taylor Swift Parties

Taylor Swift is a proud cat mum

The singer's pet family includes Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button whom she openly adores

Taylor has never been shy about making her cats part of her personality, and fans love her all the more for it. All three cats have made multiple appearances on her social media pages and even in some of her music videos

Taylor Swift fans love these cats as much as she does so when throwing a Swift or Eras Tour party they incorporate them into the party

We have the most adorable cat party decorations or gifts

Our Meri Meri cat party decorations add an adorable touch to your cat party with these purrfect pawty supplies

“I never miss a beat, I'm lightnin' on my feet.”

Taylor Swift

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