Eco Product Information

Find Eco Friendly Party Decorations, Toys and Gifts at Edie and Eve. From Sustainable Toys, Reusable Party Decorations to Biodegradable Balloons and Eco Friendly Cards and Wrap

Meri Meri eco Collection

From compostable plates to pretty fabric napkins, we're focusing on partyware that can be used again or commercially composted. Planning a more mindful party starts here!

meri meri Eco Tableware

Party tableware made from natural and compostable bamboo, wood fibre and sugarcane, offering a more mindful partyware alternative.


Meri Meri Eco Decorations

Party decorations that can be used time and time again, or in the home for year long decoration.


Meri Meri Party Collections

Home of the finest party supplies, home decor and gifts for children


Eco Toys & Party Gifts

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Eco Partybag Fillers

Eco Friendly, Non Throw Away ! Party Bag fillers they will adore



We use top-quality reclaimed rubberwood in Tender Leaf Toys.



Wooden Toys including toys designed and manufactured from sustainable rubberwood, illustrated with contemporary colours, for all ages


Eco Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are made by a natural substance derived from the sap of rubber trees. When latex balloons are released into the environment, they break down over time through a process called microbial degradation. Microorganisms in the soil consume the latex, causing it to decompose.

Biodegradable Balloons

Beautiful Quality Eco Friendly Balloons for all Occasions


Air Fil Shape Balloons

Balloons that do not need helium ! Air Balloons Only - Can Be ReUsed


Japanese Paper Balloons

Cute Eco Friendly Japanese Paper Balloons - Reusable


Ginger Ray Eco Collection

When Ginger Ray first started out being sustainable wasn't in the forefront of their minds,they were focused on creating beautiful products! A lot of our products featured foiling, plastic and weren't recyclable.

Their mindset changed a few years ago and they started to think how they could keep the party going in a more sustainable way.

They have been working hard to make their products more eco-friendly and for us to be more transparent.

Bugs Party

Got a little explorer in your midst? Then they'll love our new Bugging Out collection. Bursting with nature, bold colours and loads of fun to be had!


Pamper Party

If you have a little one who wants to have a pampering session just like the grown-ups, you need to see our new Pamper Party collection!


Gaming Party

It’s time to level up your party decor with our new ‘Game On’ partyware range, from matching party tableware to impressive treat stands